Business Recovery

Working together to make our community thrive.

Here you will find helpful updates on the changes being made to Downtown Culver City as we work to safely re-open businesses and outdoor spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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DBA President's Message

July 2020

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Dear Friends of Downtown Culver City:


We are implementing the biggest physical changes to the Downtown area in more than a decade. This week we will see the culmination of the partial street closures plan for the North (westbound) side of Culver Boulevard from Canfield to Duquesne and all of Main Street.

This has been a remarkable journey in extraordinary times. DBA leadership and City staff worked closely together in developing this plan. We received City Council approval and funding on June 9th and June 22nd respectively, and the equipment was located and installed immediately upon delivery. In a matter of weeks, we have implemented a plan that under ordinary circumstances would have taken years to develop.  


On behalf of the DBA and the entire downtown business community, I want to extend my sincere thanks to the City for its support of the DBA and our downtown business community.


Of course, no plan is perfect, and not every desire could be satisfied. It was the nature of a swift, collaborative process in the midst of a pandemic to make compromises, listen the City's transportation experts, and fight the tendency to make the perfect the enemy of the good. We did not have the luxury of time. We expect that the look and feel of this space will continue to develop over time.  Each business will do its best to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and social distancing to make all patrons feel safe. We all stand together on this.


Finally, let us remember together that over 140,000 of our fellow Americans have died already of this pandemic that shows no sign of abating. We do not know what further restrictions or difficulties may lie ahead. Let us take a moment of silence in our own time to remember the victims of Covid-19 and think of everyone in our community who is suffering. On behalf of the DBA and the entire downtown business community, we invite you to join us in starting something new and exciting in Culver City amid these dark and uncertain times.



Darrel Menthe


Culver City Downtown Business Association